I got an exciting chance to join the team in Capacent as an Analyst in the beginning of April 2019. My past work experience includes a few years of work in auditing along with finishing my university studies. The best part in working as an auditor was to gain extensive business understanding of multiple industries and solving customer problems. When I thought about what the next step in my career could be, consulting became a strong possible candidate. Mainly, because I thought I could make use of my previous work experience and improve my skills in the areas that I had enjoyed in my earlier work.

Already in the job interview, I got an impression that there is a good atmosphere in Capacent where colleagues pull together as a team, great work ethics and a constant desire to develop as experts. My view has only strengthened over the past two months in a positive way. In Capacent, the newcomers are warmly welcomed. As an analyst, you get right away hands-on experience in which you learn the most, but you are not thrown into the deep end all by yourself, either.

During my first two months in consulting, I have learned tremendous numbers of new things. At first, I worked with different sales, benchmark and excel analysis, pricing and other inside projects before I joined my first project. Being part of a project team has taught me a great deal from analysis to workshops and presentation skills. And what I’m glad about is that the learning process will keep on going. One major part that impressed me with Capacent is the way we implement projects and make sure that the projects will have an actual impact on customer operations.

As a previous job seeker, it was important for me to find an employer whose values and way of working are acknowledged by me, and people are friendly and inspirational. In Capacent, the organizational structure is quite flat, and this enables even the newcomers to bring out their ideas, get into meaningful assignments or projects and develop their skills in internal development projects. After the first month’s experience, I can say my intuition was right and these things truly are in place in Capacent.