My pre-Capacent era consisted of supply chain & production development related jobs at pharmaceutical industry and food business. Simultaneously, I spent 5 years at Aalto University studying Industrial Engineering and Management. Back then, I was all but certain that consulting career would be the optimal choice for me but I wanted to give chance for a company which stated to implement the development ideas together with the customer instead of only giving fine tuned PowerPoint packages for them. So, I applied to Capacent and managed to get an analyst job and have not regretted that choice ever since.

Analytical mind-set, good problem-solving skills and ability to use certain tools and software are important to succeed as a management consultant, and those aspects have been part of my daily work throughout the multiple customer projects I have been involved at Capacent. My own role is nowadays shifting more towards project and program management but still significant part of the job includes daily operative implementation with our clients. That work varies e.g. from strategy implementation at machine tool industry at Finland to net working capital optimization of marine business at USA or to spare parts supply chain development at Chile. However, I see attitude, collaboration with customer and setting of measurable targets as the most crucial parts of my job and as corner stones to reach concrete financial objectives which plays an important role in our projects.

Personally, reaching those targets with our customers is significant also from the motivational point of view, but similarly I also highlight the importance having the privilege to work with my inspirational colleagues in a non-hierarchical but ambitious atmosphere. Additionally, remaining the good control of my work-life balance is important topic to assure enough time for my friends, family and spare time activities to reboot my mind from work topics frequently enough.