working capital optimization

How to release millions in tied-up capital? This is the question where I search solutions with my customers every day because companies with less tied capital are more profitable

My mission is to help more companies to be more profitable. So I sat down, borrowed my colleagues brains as well and wrote an eBook about how you can release cash from the balance sheet.


Release money by optimizing working capital

Working capital is an excellent indicator of a company’s operational effectiveness. Optimizing working capital is about improving end-to-end operational processes, and eliminating sub-optimization by focusing on cross-functional teams, targets and KPIs. And, it is about challenging myths and habits with fact-based insights and best practices. It's a cross-functional effort of the entire organization.

The eBook How to execute working capital optimization project contains a brief description of each Net Working Capital (NWC) area, including: questions to address, analysis proposals and examples of actions to improve a company’s NWC efficiency. I want to highlight the importance of having an operative approach on each NWC element and emphasize the impact that individuals can have in improving NWC efficiency, profitability and cash flow.

In the eBook, I will open each NWC dimension more precisely using tested methods with a proven track record in a range of industries and companies.

The eBook is targeted for management and business development teams of industrial companies. Also, especially personnel from sales, operations, sourcing and finance are getting insight into how their operative actions are linked to profitability improvement.

Download eBook: How to execute a working capital optimization project


Erno Ranta has experience on multiple Working Capital Management and Supply Chain Optimization projects in various industries. Erno approaches business challenges with data-driven, fact-based methodologies but is at his best when rolling sleeves and tackling the process pain points with a pragmatic hands-on way.