I started as an analyst at Capacent during the spring of 2018 through a first-hand experience of a skiing trip with future colleagues. Because (or regardless) of this small taste of Capacent’s culture before the first real day, I was even more determined that Capacent is the place to be for consultants making a real impact on customers’ business with great expertise and ambition.

During the first months I already took part in a few projects, which ensured a steep learning curve. My days consist of makings sense of complex problems mostly in net working capital management, pricing and performance management through extensive data analysis, which eventually leads to concrete improvements at the customer organization. Because the projects are always manifold, ability to understand the big picture and analytical mind-set are crucial. In addition, persuasive presentation skills as well as team working ability are vital assets throughout the project life cycle.

The most motivative aspects of my work include the possibility to gain experience in various industries and combating different sorts of problems in a structured way. Moreover, the support from knowledgeable colleagues is something that I highly respect every day. The relatively flat organizational structure enables each employee to have meaningful responsibilities both in customer projects as well as in internal development.

Make sure to keep an eye on our open positions and case evenings if you have a passion for management consulting and a drive for measurable results.