The possibility to work at Capacent came to my attention through a student recruitment company, where I had submitted my CV earlier. The analyst position at Capacent was my first full-time job when I joined the company in May 2011. Actually, I was still finishing my Master’s degree in Finance at Aalto University when I started working for Capacent, and by the time I handed in my thesis I was already deeply involved in customer projects. Thus, I’ve climbed the Capacent career ladder right from the very first step.

Before joining Capacent my employment history consisted of e.g. working as a customer advisor at an insurance company, clerk at an accounting company, and trainee in an ’Accounts Payable’ team, all of which gave useful insights into my future career at Capacent. However, with hindsight, the position that provided me with the most valuable experience was a summer job as a sheet metal machine operator at a small construction material company. There I learned a great deal about the importance of process flows and production planning, and I also got my first contact with project business.

Management consulting as an industry gives people possibilities to see different industries and new customers with regular intervals, so it keeps everything fresh. One could argue that in management consulting you don’t have to change employer to find new challenges as the ’employer’ is different in every project. And solving these problems and challenges is something I find both interesting and rewarding.

But what I really appreciate in Capacent’s way of doing consulting is the value focus and concreteness – the almost obsessive need to measure the benefits we deliver to our customers. One really gets a sense of accomplishment when the project KPIs start to move in the right direction and when the targets are finally met. This is, of course, dependent on the fact that our projects are quite long, and we are involved in implementing the change together with our customers and, thus, can see the fruits of our own work.

In the very end, none of this would matter if one doesn’t fit into the culture and the team. The atmosphere of openness and awesome colleagues are something that make it easier to cope also with the rougher patches that one sometimes encounters.