I had my first day at Capacent in the beginning of April, and now, eight months later, it feels like the time has just flown by. I want to take a brief look back and ponder why I’ve enjoyed this time so much and why I recommend Capacent to recent graduates looking for an exciting place to work.

During the first days at Capacent I had one-on-one meetings with all the colleagues in the office. We got to know each other and they told me what they’d been working on here at Capacent. It was the perfect way to get to know everyone. It also exemplified the flat organization that we have, which I think is a great strength of ours.

The first weeks I worked on different analyses, on beginning cooperation with another company, and joined activities outside the office, most notably the Capacent football team. Quite soon I also joined my first project. This project has taught me a great deal, from technical analysis skills to more general skills regarding workshops and our own model of implementing projects. Instead of only giving recommendations, we guide and support the customer in the actual change process. In addition to providing our clients with actual results, this also enables us to get a deeper understanding of the client company and its business environment, which I have found fascinating.

When I try to summarize why I’ve enjoyed my time here and why I recommend Capacent to others, I usually mention the interesting projects, the challenges of solving problems and the fast pace of learning. And a cliché though it may be to mention colleagues, great colleagues are a fantastic advantage of working at the Helsinki office of Capacent. If you are looking for a career in management consulting, be sure to keep an eye on our web page for open positions in the future (and a case evening in the spring)!