We are specialized in improving our customer’s profitability with sustainable results. Therefore, our promise is to make people and value grow while implementing change for the success of their businesses. What does this mean in practice?

To find out, we asked Reima, the globally leading brand in functional kids' wear, why they relied on us in improving their demand planning.

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Below is the transcript of the video.

Question 1: Describe Capacent with one word!

Elina Björklund, CEO: When I think of Capacent, hands-on comes to my mind.

Jani Koskinen, CFO: The first word that comes to my mind is hands-on. It means that with the project that we ran with you we got very concrete and measurable results in a relatively short time.

Question 2: Why did you hire Capacent?

Elina: The tools were very detailed, the methodologies seemed to be proven. We also liked the team and the intensiveness and the interest towards customers problems was something that I could touch with hands.

Jani: I had previous experience working with Capacent. I knew your approach being very pragmatic a good cultural fit to the organization. That was one of the key reasons why we decided to work with you.

Question 3: Why did you do a demand planning project?

Elina: For the demand planning project we needed to enhance our capability in planning processes all in all when it comes to process, roles and responsibilities and tools globally. The project is actually in the very core of our strategic agenda.

Jani: We are a growth company and we grow globally above the market growth. So planning in a good way, whether it is demand or supply, were essential to us as we are dealing in concrete physical consumer goods.

Question 4: What have been the greatest benefits working with Capacent?

Jani: Now we have a much better functioning demand planning process and we see clear improvement, for example in our gross profit in our supply chain process, because we are planning things in a much better way than we used to do.

Question 5: How was it to work with Capacent?

Elina: The working mode in the project was very intensive hands-on with a clear steering governance structure and a project plan that was followed.

Jani: From a management point of view it was really easy I could trust Capacent that there was a cultural fit and that we got actions carried out that actually stick in the organization also when the project mode with Capacent was ended. It was clear that Capacent understood the need that we had understood our business and was able to proactively suggest changes to the project as we were carrying out the project.

Maria Åberg is the Managing Director of Capacent Finland and holds over 10 years of experience in change management, working capital management and delivering succesful customer projects.